Welcome to Forefront National Academy

- Mission and Vision !

The Mission To build a bridge spanning the past, the present & the future, through knowledge one attains immortality. According to the Vedas without knowledge & learning one cannot attain immortality. Therefore, one must always try to acquire knowledge through learning. The Vision Our attempt is to create the right environment & help the teacher & the taught to learn & let learn without fear & hesitation. Together they explore and the student is encouraged to observe his/her own thinking, behaviour & motivation. A feeling of care & concern for mankind & environment is awakened in the student. Ability to relate rightly to the whole world with a sensitivity to create a state of harmony & courage is a natural result in this process. He/She can be an effective catalyst in human evolution & global harmony….. a need of the 22nd Century.

The Objectives :

  • To blend our indispensable Indian values with the scientific advancements and makeeach student complete in all aspects.
  • To acquire & achieve academic excellence.
  • To become sturdy with muscles of iron & nerves of steel.
  • To get filled with a drive to help others.
  • To display in his word & deed, qualities like discipline, self control, truthfulness, honesty, courtesy, goodness, respect to elders & the capacity to recognize & imbibe the precious values of life.